Who is FAS?

FAS Relocation Network was established in 1987 with a charter to provide innovative and industry-leading relocation support to the executive recruiting industry, real estate brokers and agents, as well as government and corporate clients. In 1990, FAS created the Center for Mobility Services (CMR), and developed a number of tools and critical data elements to support the move process.

In 1994 Homebuyer’s Fair (Homefair.com) was founded, and with this next evolution FAS incorporated a very rich library of web-based, on-line tools with the express purpose of providing meaningful support to all constituents in the move process. In 1998 FAS and all its properties were acquired by Homestore.com (HOMS on the NASDAQ). Homestore.com was able to more broadly leverage the technology and tools it acquired from FAS as they extended these services throughout the real estate and relocation community. In 2002, the original founders of FAS were able to re-purchase the non-technology and tools component of the company – in essence, buying back the core employee mobility services elements, creating a full-fledged relocation services organization with over 250 corporate clients at the time.

Since the 2002 re-purchase by the original founders, FAS Relocation Network, a Global Mobility Solutions Company, has grown significantly. We are now proud holders of over 400 corporate client relationships, providing various forms of global relocation assistance to over 15,000 customers. At the core of our success is our unwavering commitment to our Service Pledge, and our willingness to stop at no obstacle in the pursuit of service excellence. We combine this ethic with highly functional, work-flow driven systems that provide a seamless, complimentary foundation of support to our Move Coaches. FAS boasts some of the most tenured and talented resources found in the relocation industry. With an average industry experience of over 9 years per employee, we are well versed and well prepared to address even the most challenging opportunity.

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